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Hello, and welcome! I’m Caitlin Fowler, a certified yoga instructor and nutritionist and I’m here to help you achieve the health and wellness you’ve always desired. I teach private yoga classes and one-on-one nutrition counselling. I’m all about helping you build a vibrant life that works with who YOU are. Check out my website including my list of specialized services and my blog and give me a call to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation! Let’s get started…
Welcome!  Namaste.
I'm so glad you're here.
Please watch this introductory video to learn about what I do and how you can benefit from my yoga and nutrition services.  When you're ready, click the button below to schedule your FREE consultation today!
I'm a certified yoga instructor, nutritionist, and eternal optimist.  I’m joyful, enthusiastic, a little nerdy, and attracted to bright colours. I love being outside in nature and my day doesn’t start until I’ve had a cup of tea. When I’m not working I can usually be found in the woods, in the kitchen developing a new recipe, or reading about nutrition and food science. I have a passion for food and healing and I can't wait to start working with you! 

I studied environmental civil engineering at the University of Portland and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  In November 2015 I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through The Lotus Seed, a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga school.  In September 2016 I’ll begin a course with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and will graduate in December as a Certified Culinary Nutritionist.  I’ve had a lifelong passion for learning, science, and service to others.

I’m currently working as a construction engineer, where I designed and helped implement a yoga-based injury prevention program for our craft personnel, and my past employment includes the nonprofit Advocates for Blind Children.
I am building a business with my boyfriend and partner, Dale, dedicated to holistic healing and wellness.  Together we’re bringing true, lasting healing to people from all walks of life and our combined skills can address almost every concern!

What does all this mean for you?  My skills, experience, and training make me uniquely able to serve you as someone who not only understands people and how to work with them, but who also has a solid foundation of evidence-based, scientific knowledge behind everything I do.  I’ll be able to explain not only what, but why and how.  A foundation of knowledge and understanding is the key to creating permanent change.  I empower my clients to learn about their bodies and how they work, so they are able to learn intuitively how best to care for themselves.  When you work with me, you will get a teacher and cheerleader who is passionate and enthusiastic and who will give you the latest and greatest in terms of scientific understanding and proven techniques.  Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?  Give me a call today and let’s get started!

Why you should take private classes

​​A practice as unique as you are.

You are an individual
         Your private instructor is able to spend much more time getting to know you than a group class instructor.  That’s why we suggest planning two hours for your first class –we have so much to talk about before we get started!  Every body is different, and those differences are what your private instructor uses to help guide each class, including the pace of the practice and the poses used.  Your instructor will talk with you about your past experience with yoga, fitness, or sports.  You’ll discuss your current physical condition and any constraints or needs you might have.  For example, have you ever had a shoulder injury, knee replacement, major surgery, etc.?  Each class will be different, and having an opportunity to check in with your instructor before practicing allows you to inform the way the practice will go.  If you’re sore in a particular area, or if you need an energy boost, this information will allow your instructor to tailor each class to your specific wants and needs.

Benefit from one-on-one instruction
         In a private class, you are your instructor’s sole focus!  Unlike group classes, where the instructor may only have time to make one or two minor adjustments per student, your private instructor is able to walk you through every pose and assess your alignment and stability in each pose.  Adjustments can be made as needed, and if you ever have any questions, you don’t need to wait until the end of class to ask.  You are able to provide feedback to your instructor in the moment, letting him or her know if anything is uncomfortable, if you want to take a pose deeper, or if you want to speed up or slow down the pace of the class. 
Set goals and desired outcomes
         What is it you want from your yoga practice?  Your instructor can help you set goals and tailor your practice to help you reach your desired outcomes.  Whether you want to increase your flexibility and range of motion, improve your sleep, reduce your stress, or address a specific part of the body, your instructor will work with you on setting realistic goals and working toward them within a set timeframe.  Private classes allow you to keep track of your progress with your instructor and to adjust your practice as needed. 
Deepen your practice
         Private classes are the ideal place to explore your yoga practice in a deeper and more meaningful way.  Most group classes stick to the basics so as to be inclusive and accommodating, but this can leave you wanting more –more information about the history or spirituality of yoga, more advanced poses, or even just more time spent in the poses you love most. 

What's Your Vision?
How I Can Help
  • What does a healthy, vibrant life look like to you?  
  • What goals are you struggling to achieve,
       or afraid to even set?  
  • How can your health be better?
  • Which negative habits are you ready to let go of?

My fully customized services support you - the whole you!  I work with you on:
  • Setting goals
  • Developing personalized plans, and
  • Building on each small success to achieve the life and level of wellness you desire.
My Location
My spacious, comfortable home in Vancouver is in a great central location that's easy to get to.  Just a few blocks west of I-205 and less than ten minutes from I-5.  My designated practice space is private and comfortable.  For the often personal nature of weight loss and food issues, I recommend having your nutrition consultations at my home as well. 
I can't wait to begin working with you!  Give me a call or use the form below to send me a message and get started living your most vibrant life.
Tel.: 360-635-1026

Email: CaitlinDoesYoga@gmail .com
602 SE 104th Ave
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